Ajay and Nidhi Topa Dhankar

Alumni in News !
Ajay Dhankhar and Nidhi Topa Dhankar (Batch of 1988) are another Bal Bharati love story. Ajay is a Senior Partner at McKinsey in USA and leads Strategy and M&A practice in Healthcare, while Nidhi was a fast rising banker at Amex and GE Capital before taking on the much harder job of raising their 2 boys. Ajay was School Head boy, Debating and Quiz team captain; Nidhi was the editor of Damini.
Ajay won a scholarship to the US and went on to study Physics, Computer Science, eventually finishing with a PhD in Biochemistry from Yale, while Nidhi studied economics at St Xaviers College and TSM. Ajay would be happy to connect with alumni if he can be of help or if anyone wants to play a round of golf in New Jersey! Ajay and Nidhi would also love your support of a venture they support to create libraries for underprivileged children in India.
They both credit AFBBS for the lifelong friends they found and the incredible love and learning from all their teachers especially Ms Kalia, Mrs Bhattacharya, Mrs Raghubir, Mrs Jain and so many others.
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