Kirti Celly - Batch of 1980

Kirti Celly ( Dr Kirti Sawhney Celly) ( Batch of 1980), is Professor, Management & Marketing, California State University, Dominiquez Hills, LA. Prior to that she was Associate Professor at California State University / Visiting Scholar at UC Irvine / Asst Professor of International Business & Marketing at University of Michigan. She worked at the William Davidson Institute for Emerging Economies.
Post AFBBS, she did her BA in Economics, Sociology & Statistics and Masters in Management Studies from University of Bombay and then PhD in Business Administration from University of South California.
She is the co-author of management books – “Marketing Management” / “Cross-cultural collaboration and leadership in modern organisations “ / “Marketing Communications for local Non Profit organizations : Targets and Tools” to name a few. Her articles in areas of Management are widely read. They include “The California State University : a case on branding the largest public university system in the US” / “Responding to distruptive behaviour in marketing classrooms” / “Creative Writing in Marketing education : Poetry as an innovative Pedagogical tool” to name a few.
Kirti serves as an elected Statewide Senator representing the 30000 faculty and 500000 students of 23 universities in the California State University, largest 4 year university system in the U.S. and is a staunch advocate for public education, inclusion, equity, and access. Nationwide she represents about 30,000 faculty as their delegate to the American Association of University Professors.
Quote Kirti “Much more important than any is that is I’m married to classmate and friend Sanjay Celly.My best friend is classmate Sita Mehta Kapoor.
Nanima has lived with me/us for most of my adult life and for the past nearly three decades and passed away short of 98.Mama has lived with us for a decade and … life goes on…Thanks for posting about me “.
Kudos !
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