Mala Sahni Seth - Batch of 1983

Noble Cause !
Mala Sahni Seth (Batch of 1983) runs Karma Animal Foundation which is dedicated to the rescue /rehabilitation of dogs in distress. Karma has a 2.5 acre facility with 24 dog sheds to accommodate 150 dogs in Bhondsi, Sohna.She has dedicated her life for a noble cause.
Post AFBBS,she went on to study Interior Design and followed her passion to make customised furniture for over 25 years. In 2016 she took a sabbatical and decided to pursue things that made her life meaningful.
Her life’s driving force & mission became, to provide a secure space to rescued Dogs, where their basic needs like food / shelter / medical attention/ love & care could be provided.
Quote – “Karma – MISSION”
1. To sustain the dogs rescued by giving them the best possible life.
2. To inculcate compassion and kindness so that many of you would step forward when they see an animal in need and be sensitive to their suffering. Each one can befriend an injured animal ; pick up for medical attention & provide food and shelter . If each one could adopt one we could bring about a huge social change and the world would be full of love and kindness.
3. The other most important aim is to educate the younger generation as they are the hope for tomorrow. Encouraging them to volunteer and interact at our facility helps them evolve as better human
You can visit their FB Page for updates on activities. Since it’s a non profit organization, any Corporate can contribute to this great effort & noble cause.
Kudos !
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