Varsha Yadav and Harsh Vardhan Thakur

AFBBS Love story – Varsha Yadav, a Bio student of ’88 batch and Harsh Vardhan Thakur , an MD student also of ‘88 batch, met at the school farewell for the first time. As they grew closer, Harsh went away to National Defence Academy Pune for Air Force Training, while Varsha went away to Jordan for her air hostess training, after graduating in English Honours.
In 1992, Harsh attained his wings and the proud sword of honour to become a fighter pilot in Indian Air Force, while Varsha attained her wings and became an air hostess in Royal Jordanian Airlines.They were married on Valentine’s day of 1994. As they travelled the length and breadth of the country together their love grew. Harsh served in the Air Force as a fighter pilot, flying instructor as well as an experimental test pilot for many years, with Varsha by his side.
Harsh changed the colour of his uniform in 2016 but continues to rock and roll the sky, as an experimental test pilot in HAL Bangalore.Their son Yuvan, also an Ex-AFBBS lad, stands taller than his dad at 6’4” and pursues Eco-Fin & Computer Science at Ashoka university.
Harsh’s zest for flying is only bettered by Varsha’s passion for colour and life. An incredible artist, her beautiful home is filled with perfectly manicured plants, nurtured like her children, while her paintings in the home gallery, tells the story of their lives.
They live in Bangalore. Every once in a while, that they pass by the Lodi road while travelling in Delhi, Varsha and Harsh stop and discuss the best moments spent in their days at AFBBS. Yuvan quips, “Helloooo…don’t forget me! I’m from AFBBS too.”
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