Old Students Association (OSAAFBBS) is a Legally Registered Organization under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The Alumni association was registered in Delhi in 1990.

OSA Vision and Mission statement.

To be a leader in promoting active, visible leadership in the community and to foster interaction between alumni, school and industry. The mission of OSAAFBBS is to safeguard the best interest of its members, to use the talents and resources of alumni and friends of AFBBS to support the School in achieving national and international distinction in quality teaching and service. The Association which is non political shall have the following objectives:

  • To develop Alumni programmes that promote effective network amongst its members
  • To promote academic, physical, moral and spiritual growth of the members of OSAAFBBS and AFBBS
  • To assist AFBBS in the growth and advancement of its socio-cultural and co-curricular activities.
  • To authorize, promote and assist in the formation of local and international chapters of AFBBS and OSAFBBS
  • To enhance the involvement of AFBBS fraternity in Community Service
  • To initiate, organize and coordinate fundraising activities for AFBBS.
  • To assist AFBBS to initiate, organize and sustain programmes such as –
    1. The Outstanding Achievement Award’s for distinguished Alumni
    2. The distinguished Service Award (alumni who has contributed most to the community/country)
    3. The Distinguished service Senior Alumnus Award (Alumni over 40 years of age who have remarkable great achievements.)
    4. Various other Excellence awards
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