Late. Mrs Harbans Baxi - Ex Principal , AFBBS

Remembering “Late Mrs Harbans Baxi”
Principal BBAFS / AFBBS – 1955-1985
Mrs H Baxi was the Principal of AFBBS from school founding in Barracks in 1955 to her retirement in 1985. During the 30 long years, she progressed the school from a small institution in barracks to “One of the Biggest and Most Reputed schools in India”. AFBBS became a national name in education / co-curricular and sports with our students excelling across all areas. Her contribution to building AFBBS, brick by brick is unparalleled. In 70’s and 80’s, AFBBS infrastructure kept adding and we got Main Building Block / Junior School Building / Sports track & Mini stadium / Teachers Residential Block / Art & Science Complex and then the Auditorium. AFBBS students excelled in Bournvita Quiz / National Debates & Declamation / Science Workshops / Maths Olympiad / Batik / Sculpture / Music / Arts / Sports with special mention of Cricket – Swimming – Water Polo – Yachting – Badminton. She believed in the theory of “One in All and for One”. She did not lecture students.She believed that “Actions speak Louder than Words”. She practised that ‘a good teacher must be a good sweeper”. This certainly ensured that students kept good discipline and cleanliness of school campus. She was a towering personality and Rowdy / Indisciplined students maintained pin drop silence when ever she was on her rounds.She thought that Bookish Knowledge was not good enough to develop all round personality of students.She administered school with tact, maturity and wisdom.
Her initial years – She was born on 23 October 1925 in Rawalpindi. She topped the Exam on Christianity and was granted admission to a Convent becoming the first Asian to get admission in a Convent. After leaving Rawalpindi, Baxi family stayed in Lodhi Colony (Barsati),New Delhi for few years.Mr Baxi, use to take her on cycle daily to Palam where she was working and bring her back on cycle in evening. Air Marshal Chaturvedi interviewed her for Head Mistress job in BBAFS and instantly offered her a job. He was impressed with her General Knowledge and foresight on Education systems. She was later made the Principal. Her Family – Sardar Narinder Singh Baxi, Sons Aniljeet Singh Baxi and 
Jaideep Baxi
After retiring, she joined family business (Export of Leather Goods and Accessories). She was not happy doing this as her heart was always in Education field. In 1990, she diversified into Education and started e-Maxximum and also learnt computers in 2000, so that she could start e- learning and online education for Indian schools. She then went to Austria and started Online Education for Austrian schools. She was the pioneer in Austria to start Dual Language Education ( DLE).
She won many State and National awards and was also a delegate at Moscow Olympic in 1980 and LA Olympics in 1984.
She was a wonderful Punjabi folk singer too and was asked by relatives to sing at all their weddings. Her hobbies were Reading, Watching Cricket, Britannica Encyclopedia, Google – from 2005 onwards, Listening to Classical old Hindi and Punjabi Folk songs. Her strengths were Vision, Foresight, Rational Thinker , Positivity, Judgement, People Management, Stamina , Emotional Quotient , Cooking Continental & Italian food. Her favourite were Grilled Lamb leg & Italian Spaghetti. She could not sit idle and was always yearning to do something creative.
Besides being Stern, she had good humour. I recall a incident when we were to travel to Mumbai by train for National Yachting Regatta. We were not getting tickets and were looking / feeling Sad. When she saw us, she remarked in humour – “I want the National Trophy for school, just get into Train engine and travel” . Basically her message “Where there is a Will there is a Way” and surely we travelled and also won the National trophy. And let me tell all the younger batches – When she was out on school rounds, there was pin drop silence. It was like a curfew. Every student would be on their bench and looking at books or writing in notebooks.
Alumni expresses gratitude to her 30 years of Dedicated service to AFBBS. Truly, she made one of the finest educational institutes. We owe our Grounding / Foundation and All Round Development to the great institution built by her and the team of teachers / admin and staff who supported AFBBS. And the baton continues !
You have all been seeing our posts; how well our Alumni are doing globally in all areas and domains.
With Respect and Gratitude !
Team OSA
Thank you 
Jaideep Baxi
 for inputs !
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