Mrs. B Bhattacharjee

Our Respected Teacher Series ! Mrs B Bhattacharjee !

English Teacher ! (Joined BBAFS 1971- Retired 1992)

The phrase “joie de vivre” best describes Mrs Basanti Bhattacharjee, the English teacher at BBAFS / Air Force Bal Bharati School, Lodi Road, New Delhi in the nineteen seventies and eighties …..(1971-1992). Her 21 dedicated years, teaching English at AFBBS made many of us masters in written and spoken English. She always had a smiling face and her cool disposition charmed most of her students.

At 88, her exuberance and love for life has not diminished inspite of the Covid pandemic, which has forced her into isolation much against her very sociable nature .

On a discussion about ‘Moksha’ and the Hindu belief that prayer and devotion helps in exiting the cycle of rebirth she has this to say : ‘Life is so beautiful , I WANT to be reborn again and again!

Mrs Bhattacharjee, will be best remembered for breaking into a song while teaching a class. “Gore Gore” is her all time favorite and many students would probably remember her singing it.

Teaching is her passion and she continues to teach underprivileged children who flock to her from the neighborhood. The forced closure of her ‘School’ has hit her the most this year. She is waiting impatiently for things to normalize so she can get back to her teaching.

Many Alumni will especially remember her singing Songs on Children’s Day on-stage.

We wish her Good Health and Happiness !

With Respect & Gratitude ! Pranam !

Team OSA

Thanks to Ms Anu Kalia for sharing such nice words and pictures !


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