Mrs Dimri , Ex - HOD - Physics

Mrs Dimri (HOD – Physics) – In her Own words
Mrs Dimri taught at AFBBS for 25 years from 1973 until her retirement in 1998. She was HOD Physics and many Alumni achieved global recognition thanks to her teaching !

Says Mrs Dimri (FB ID – Vijay Dimri )I joined Bal Bharti Air Force School as a Physics Teacher in the Senior School in 1973. Mr Uppal had joined a year earlier and was Head of Deptt for Physics. At that time our School was emerging from being a Primary School to a full fledged Higher Secondary School. My daughter Anjali (Anjali Dabral) was admitted to Class VIII and son Ravi Dimri was admitted to class IV in the School. The Higher Secondary Classes at that time were in four sections – Biology, Mechanical Drawing in the Science Stream, Humanities and Commerce. I was the Physics teacher of class 11th and 12th of ‘A’ section throughout my teaching career. Our Principal, Mrs Baxi was a very dynamic lady, who had brought up the school from a Primary School to a 10+2 School with a good standing in every field. Classes were being held in the Senior School building, but a lot of old barracks were also there,which were being used for some classes of the Primary School and Staff Quarters. When I joined school, it had a very energizing atmosphere, like a new nation, which had still not set up its own rules & conventions. In 1973, the Delhi Education Act came into being, which put the qualification, emoluments and service conditions of a Private School Teacher on par with a Govt School Teacher. I was one of the teachers associated with getting the Act implemented in our school and was a staff representative on the Managing Committee for quite some time. Initially in the school, there was no staffroom and no place where teachers could sit and do corrections of their work. Slowly the working conditions for staff improved and we were able to get a good staff room in both the Junior and Senior Schools. Gradually the school expanded into a beautiful place for learning and teaching. A three storey junior school building, a big modern library with a reading room, Art & Craft Room and Music Room came up. Our school came amongst the top schools in Delhi in sports events like Swimming, BasketBall, Athletics and Cricket as well as in academics. Our Principal, Mrs Baxi retired in 1985 and Mr Mahendroo who came from another School become our next Principal. After his retirement, we tried to get our own staff / teachers to be promoted and become the Principal in the school. Hence, Mrs Titus, and then Mr Goyal and so on, our own Teachers became the Principals and I hope the trend is continuing. During my teaching period which was from 1973, I taught a number of very bright students who had very good personalities. Some of whom despite, my old age, I remember are Kirti Celly, who was in the merit list of higher secondary exam, Gauri Chaturvedi, who qualified for both AIIMS and IIT / Suhail, a dynamic boy / Samba Natarajan (Samba Murthy) / Manjit Kaur and so many others. I feel happy that I taught them and feel proud when I hear of the success stories of all my school students, from my children. My friends, Miss Ratauri who taught Math’s, Mr Kapur who taught Chemistry, Late Mrs Dayal who taught English, formed a good team, of which I was happy to be part of. I retired from school in 1998 and since than I have been leading a retired life at Som Vihar in New Delhi.I must thank the Old Students Association to have remembered us after so many years. Lots of memories of some of the best period of my life came rushing back. All the best to all of you and continue excelling in your fields. I feel very proud of you.———————-Thank you Ma’am for being our Guru and Mentor. With Gratitude and Respect
Team OSA

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